Technology Fundamentals

How Does it Work?

Vibration relaxes muscles, heat dilates blood vessels.

The unique combination of heat and vibration increase the heart and pulse rates, accelerating blood flow and the intake of oxygen to burn up carbohydrates, such as starches, then fat cells. Kidney function and lymphatic is increased, accelerating the removal of lactic, uric acids and body wastes. A healthier body full of vitality results.

The combination of heat and vibration assists with weight loss, back pain treatment,arthritis treatment, weight loss, detox and cleanses and fibromyalgia.

The Design

The comfortable, therapeutic, vibrating bed is encapsulated by the spacious unit in which dry sauna heat is evenly circulated. Negative ion charged air keeps the head and face fresh and cool. Music and aromatherapy calm and heal the mind and body. All functions are controlled by the user within – heat, vibration, negative ion charged air flow and music volume.

The Vibroasaun Massage Sauna gives great health benefits from massage therapy all whilst relaxing in comfort.