Vibrosaun have partnered with Kiss Financial Solutions to provide you with a:

  • No fuss convenient arrangement
  • Completely tax deductible and flexible Rent to Own option

For as little as $35 per day

 You can have your Virbosaun machine operating in your business.
That’s a sale of only one Vibrosaun session per day to cover the cost!!

Rent for a short 12-month commitment, and then you can choose to:


If the Vibrosaun no longer suits your business, or your core operation has changed, simply return with no penalties.

Continue Renting

If you want to keep your options open, simply keep renting the Vibrosaun and watch the purchase price continue to drop.


If you want to work towards ownership, why not take advantage of our 36-month product? You’ll enjoy a 30%
discount on your weekly payments, and $1 pay out at maturity.

Apply Now!

Print, complete and return the application form

For more information please contact:

Nathan Allen

0435 074 261 or 1300 907 626