Need help with weight loss?

At some stage in our lives, weight gain can become a real issue.  Whether it has steadily crept up over the years, may be the result of a more sedentary lifestyle or perhaps an injury, sometimes we need help to kick start our weight loss goals and undertake lifestyle changes.

The thought of pounding it out in a public gym can be a real turn off for some of us. Or, an injury can be so debilitating that vigorous exercise at a gym is simply out of the question.

What if you could undertake a therapy that not only promoted weight loss but total body wellbeing and you could do it all lying down?

Vibrosaun Sauna Massage is the breakthrough in massage therapy and in losing weight without exercise. The vibrating massage therapy in a Vibrosaun Sauna Massage gently relaxes muscles and simulates movement.  Combined with dry sauna heat, the body temperature increases, blood vessels dilate, circulation increases as does the heart and pulse rate.

This combined therapy aids weight loss through toxin release and increased wellbeing and muscle and joint movement.

All of this is achieved in a soothing and relaxing environment with you lying down in the Vibrosaun Sauna Massage machine with no vigorous exercise required!

Not only are you losing weight without exercising, but your body is also reaping the benefits of a detox cleanse as your lymphatic system is able to process toxins more efficiently after a Vibrosaun Sauna Massage.

The Vibrosaun Sauna Massage offers a range of benefits to people who are suffering with pain, arthritis and Fibromyalgia and Vibrosaun Sauna Massage can be done in your own home without the need to visit a clinic or gym!


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