Fibromyalgia covers a group of symptoms marked by generalised pain and muscle stiffness, and while the cause is not known, research suggests the body becomes hypersensitive to pain and extremes.

The most common fibromyalgia symptoms include:

  • Aching, stiffness, and tiredness of muscles
  • tiredness
  • Problems with sleeping, memory, and concentration
  • Stomach problems and IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome)

Symptoms of fibromyalgia can be mild or severe, but with the right advice, massage therapy, and a healthy lifestyle, most sufferers can manage the condition and live a full, active life.

How can fibromyalgia be treated?

There are a number of ways to treat the symptoms of the condition, including:

  • Staying active and getting plenty of rest
  • Maintaining a healthy weight
  • Using massage therapy to promote circulation and relaxation

Massage therapy is highly rated for pain relief treatment by people with fibromyalgia. Massage therapy can help reduce pain, stiffness and tenderness, decrease the need for pain medicines, improve mood and sleep patterns and increase the quality of life for individuals suffering symptoms of fibromyalgia patients. We understand how important heat control can be to fibromyalgia sufferers due to sensitivity to extremes, but unlike traditional saunas, the Vibrosaun Sauna Massage Machine does not require you to breathe in hot air, and you can adjust the heat to your individual preference.

Vibrosaun Sauna Massage therapy combines massage therapy and gentle heat to increase circulation to areas that have become congested due to chronic pain, and regular use can help manage the symptoms of fibromyalgia and assist with weight loss through detox and cleansing and increased mobility.