Frequently Asked Questions

Is Vibrosaun portable?
Yes. The Vibrosaun can be dismantled and reassembled in a few easy steps and relocated to any business or home with standard door frame widths. Two people are required for dismantling, assembly and lifting.
What type of oil can I put in the aromatherapy diffuser?
You may use any aromatherapy oil that you wish. Lavender is wonderful for relaxing the mind; Eucalyptus is wonderful to invigorate the body and to clear congestion.

Does the Vibrosaun need servicing?
No. The Vibrosaun is designed to eliminate the need for regular services. There are a few periodical maintenance requirements that can be easily performed. Instructions are provided for you to carry out the easy steps.

Does the Vibrosaun come apart?
The Vibrosaun can be dismantled into four main sections. Two people are required for disassembly. The Vibrosaun consists of the base, the stand, the vibrating bed and the lid.

How much does the Vibrosaun weigh?
The total weight of the Vibrosaun, including the stand is 110kg. However, the Vibrosaun is easily dismantled into four pieces to make the machine easy to move. Two people are required for disassembly.

Is there a weight limit on who can use the Vibrosaun?
The Vibrosaun carries a maximum weight capacity of 160kg.

What is the tallest person that can use a Vibrosaun?
The Vibrosaun can comfortably accommodate persons up to 197cm (6’4”) in a fully reclined position. For persons taller than 197cm, the Vibrosaun allows enough room to bring the knees up to achieve a comfortable position.
What temperature does the Vibrosaun go up to?
The Vibrosaun is designed to comfortably achieve the maximum recommended temperature of 75° Celsius. However, the Vibrosaun can achieve temperatures of 80°C to 82°C. NB: Maximum temperatures are not recommended for the whole duration of Vibrosaun therapy sessions. Full training is provided to assist in correct operation of the Vibrosaun to achieve positive results.

What is the longest time I can spend in the Vibrosaun?
The maximum programmable session time in the Vibrosaun is 60 mins. For persons wishing to extend session times, Vibrosaun Australia recommends two sessions per day with a minimum of six hours between sessions.

What is the difference between the two models of Vibrosaun?
One is named Therapeutic and the other Remedial. The Remedial Vibrosaun has two motors for Vibration and the Therapeutic Vibrosaun has 3 motors giving stronger Vibration. Depending if it is for personal use or commercial use and the type of clientele you have will depend on which model you would choose. Our staff are always there to inform you to help you make the best decision.

What type of electricity is used for the Vibrosaun?
A 15amp outlet is required to run your Vibrosaun. This must be installed using a licensed electrician. The average cost to install a 15amp outlet is approximately AUD$200-$300.

Is there training provided?
Yes we can arrange training either on arrival of your Vibrosaun, in person (depending on location) or over the phone.

Can I customize the color of my machine?
Yes, a range of colours are available to choose from.
Will I need to employ extra staff?
No extra staff are required. The beauty of Vibrosaun is it takes up very little of your time. Your clients can receive the most benefit relaxing on their own during the session, which frees up your time to assist other clients.