Meet the inventor

The Inventor of the Vibrosaun, Laurie Hardie, was not only a brilliant design engineer, he was always looking towards a more holistic approach.

In 1982, Laurie was intrigued and extremely disappointed with methods applied to assist people lose weight, he felt a lot of these methods were not only unorthodox but messy, unhygienic and very often a complete waste of time.

He concluded that the only proven way to assist weight loss and keep the body fit was exercise, however he also concluded that a great number of people either through a disability, extreme obesity or poor health, were unable to participate in physical exercise and because of this, he was presented with the challenge to design something that would as near as possible simulate the effects of exercise without subjecting the body to physical exertion or stress.

To ensure that he incorporated the most beneficial methods in the design he sought advice from a group of highly professional and qualified people including a Medical Practitioner, Chiropractor, Osteopath and a Physiotherapist and this proved to be a wise decision.

In creating the Vibrosaun he not only achieved this aim, but the results far exceeded his wildest expectations, for while the Vibrosaun has proved itself invaluable for over 30 years in assisting weight control, it has also proved to be extremely beneficial for the relief of a multitude of ailments including arthritis, back ache, sports injury, blood pressure, stress, circulation, insomnia and more.

Meet the Manufacturer

My name is Michael Hardy and I am the owner of Vibrosaun where we assemble create and do everything locally in Australia. My journey with Vibrosaun began when I had a major car accident in April 1995, I had some pretty serious injuries and was in hospital for 3 months with a broken leg, pelvis, arm, collar bone and my neck in two places. After months of rehabilitation I was still in major pain and tried many therapies for a number of years, but I only ever felt a bit better, the pain was still a big part of my day to day living.

One day while discussing my pain with a co-worker, he highly recommended to try Vibrosaun. After only a few sessions I felt the difference. After using it regularly it helped me get full function back, stopped the pain and really was the key to my now long-term recovery success. I also started a Vibrosaun Clinic in Berwick with my partner Stephanie, in Melbourne over nine years ago now in which we have five machines and that place is always pumping!

It has been a blessing each time I receive a testimonial from a person telling me how it helped them with pain, arthritis, fibromyalgia, weight loss, detoxing, stress, injury, back pain, getting their weight down before a bodybuilding or important event and the list goes on… I liked the Vibrosaun so much that when the manufacturing company was offered to us to purchase, we jumped at the chance and bought it as I know it can help many others with health issues as well as giving new and existing business owners a fantastic income opportunity.

We have a wonderful team of people that would love to help you setup your own Vibrosaun business and answer any questions you might have. As I have been doing this for a while now, I know what works in terms of marketing to get this technology out there, to not only help others but also help you grow your business. With this in mind we also have the resources to help you with a strategic marketing plan and on-going support moving forward. We look forward to hearing from you and for you to join us as a market leader.

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